KLF Links from the Library of Mu

The KLF mailing list
I have been a member of the KLF mailing list since 1994. Most of the articles I've scanned were first posted online to this list and it is where most of the FAQ questions were developed. Lazlo who set up the list also provided an FTP archive and a discography. If you have a lot of spare time, work your way through the list archive! The list remains essential for finding bootleg MP3s and keeping in touch with the latest news although it goes through periods of being dominated by eBay discussions.

Round about 1995, the all-powerful Mancentral was set up by Jamm!n, archiving all the press clippings that people had sent to the list and/or archived in Lazlo's FTP archive. Jamm!n and I also worked on updating the lyrics file. Sadly, he couldn't afford the bandwidth and had to close it down.

KLF Online (klf.de)
When Mancentral closed down, the guys at klf.de took over the torch, archiving the old Mancentral documents and images and providing the latest news. Best of all, they updated and maintained the discography and conducted and published interviews with kollaborators such as Extreme Noise Terror, Graham Lee and Wanda Dee! Sssh! .. you can also find the FTP server login and passwords here. They promise that they have updated the FAQ too.

The pages about the KLF on Wikipedia are of extremely high quality. While many people have contributed, the author deserving the most praise is KingBoyK who diligently added references and thoughtfully choose quotes and got all the pages very encyclopedic getting The KLF to featured article status. Try starting with ... Bill Drummond, Jimmy Cauty, Gimpo, The Timelords, K Foundation, K Foundation art award, K Foundation Burn a Million Quid or Blacksmoke. Alternatively try out 1987, Who Killed the JAMs?, Chill Out or The White Room.

Penkiln Burn
Lots of interesting reading and conceptual art at Bill Drummond's publishing house, although in 2016 the website is suspended until further notice. Also includes links to "jobs" such as You Whores, My Death, The 17 and No Music Day.

James Cauty Artist
A selection of art work, contact details and news including the #AdpRiotTour.

The website of Jimi Cauty's "occasional art collective and musical group dedicated to the propagation of audio visual noise" had great Flash animations, movies and MP3s.