? (Alan McGee)- Library of Mu

Library of Mu record:
Title: ? (Alan McGee)
Date: April 1988
Journal: Underground
Author: ?
Type of resource: Excerpts
Status: text
No. views: 3078
Description: interview with Alan McGee of Creation records with his opinion of Bill and 'The Man'

? (Alan McGee)

By ? (April 1988, Underground)

(excerpt from a feature/interview with Alan McGee of Creation Records)

Bill Drummond - The Man (McGee's 5th favourite LP)

"Bill's my pal, but I thought his record would be crap. He gave a cassette to me and I didn't play it for ages. Then I put it on when I was in the bath one night - I nearly drowned. I laughed for about half an hour. It's the work of a complete nutter - I remember once he came into the Creation office and he played the Baby Amphetamine record and he was just dancing on the table going "Eh! It's fuckin' great mon! Hip hop, fuckin' fantastic."

So you're responsible for inspiring The Jamms too?

"Well, there's more political motivation behind it than just the hip hop thing".


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