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Title: Disco 2000 - Kings Cross The Bell
Date: 20 February, 1988
Journal: NME
Author: Barbara Ellen
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: original
No. views: 3008
Description: a good review despite the fact that Mo and Cress are too drunk to perform and only do two songs

Disco 2000 - Kings Cross The Bell

By Barbara Ellen (20 February, 1988, NME)

Disco 2000 - god help us - are two raucous, wicked, hideously beautiful she-cats with diamonds for brains. Test their urine and discover stinging insanity, last night's heavy make-up and an alcohol level that would make Behan blush inside his shroud.

This is classic meltdown acid-rap but be warned, fellow chicks, and mark my glower well: for beholding Disco 2000 and accepting their clandestine burn is like staring into a mirror too flood-lit for comfort.

Oh you'll love them of course, their spit and writhe and crazy scarlet defiance. But you WILL want them to stop, lest your own dreams start to bleed and your envious guts spill out onto the linoleum. Was I ever as brave as that?...As bright, as deadly, as much?!

And if you really feel like torturing yourself - a MUST for the super-paranoid, and budding masochistic bore - then execute a sly, slit-eyed spot-check on the male reaction to their grimy, violent blur. For men, Disco 2000 must be like sex without the draggy chat-up scenario, Mae West without the lard, Madonna staked out in a jacuzzi looking anything but helpless.

These girls are spoiling for a scrap. they are also drunk to the point of imprisonment, clutching hold of each other mid-dance routine with ever-increasing hysteria. I watch them puzzled as they stagger out of the bonfire after only two songs. Disco 2000 - MAD, BAD and GLORIOUS. But next time hide the vodka.


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