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Title: Pop star in City Hall soup kitchen
Date: 2004-05-06
Journal: Belfast Telegraph
Author: Ashleigh Wallace
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
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Description: another soup line event ... at a Belafst arts festival

Pop star in City Hall soup kitchen

By Ashleigh Wallace (2004-05-06, Belfast Telegraph)

A FORMER pop star who famously burned [Pound]1m on live television (sic!) opened a 'soup kitchen' in the centre of Belfast today.

Bill Drummond, founder of chart-toppers KLF, made soup at the City Hall to sustain the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival team during the final few days of the programme which is due to end this Sunday with a Cuban salsa party.

The concept of Bill's soup line came about in 1998 when he made soup for a group of people in a house in Belfast's Botanic Avenue.

Last June, Bill took a map of the British Isles and drew a line across it which cuts through Belfast and Nottingham.

He is calling it the 'soup line' and says that anybody living on the line could invite him into their home so he could make soup for them and their family.

Today he passed through the City Hall, at the invitation of Councillor Eoin O'Broin, and made soup for the festival team.

The soup line is also passing through Donegall, Dungiven, Maghera, Comber and Portavogie.


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