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Title: Pop star-turned-artist to lecture hospital patients
Date: 15 October, 2002
Journal: The Scotsman
Author: John Innes
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
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Description: Drumond to give a talk to psychiatric patients at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Pop star-turned-artist to lecture hospital patients

By John Innes (15 October, 2002, The Scotsman)

BILL Drummond, the former pop star who set fire to GBP 1 million in used banknotes in the name of art, is visiting Edinburgh to pass on his ideas about how to be an artist to a group of psychiatric patients.

Since he turned his back on the pop world at the height of his fame in 1992 and deleted the entire back catalogue of his chart- topping band, KLF, the eccentric Scot has been increasingly involved in eye-catching performance art "happenings".

Today, Drummond, 48, will be appearing at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Morningside, where he will be talking about his experiences in the art world to patients with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including depression and conditions such as schizophrenia. Staff and invited visitors will also attend.

The talk has been arranged through a locally-based charity, Artlink, which regularly organises talks and exhibitions in hospitals across the capital.

Drummond will be hosting a similar talk at the young offenders' institution at Polmont, near Falkirk.

Jan-Bert Van Den Berg, Artlink's director, said: "This appointment very much fits into our programme of talks on visual arts and the development of art in all its weird and wonderful forms."

No-one at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital could be contacted for comment.


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