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Title: Captain Moonlight: Decision day looms for the best and worst of the Turner Prize
Date: 00 November, 1993
Journal: The Independent
Author: Charles Nevin
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 1389
Description: brief preview of Turner and K-F award, writer predicts that K-F will not pay up

Captain Moonlight: Decision day looms for the best and worst of the Turner Prize

By Charles Nevin (00 November, 1993, The Independent)

THE RICE has been flung, the the room has been cast in plaster: yes, it's Turner Prize time again. On Tuesday night, the winner will be presented with pounds 20,000 at the Tate. The contenders are Vong Phaophanit (rice, with neon), Rachel Whiteread (room casting, creator of the famous House in Bow), Hannah Collins (photographer), and Sean Scully (painter of horizontal and vertical bands). But there is another prize: the pounds 40,000 being offered by the K Foundation, closely related to the former playful pop band, KLF, for the worst work produced in the past 12 months. The shortlist is the same as the Turner's; we are promised an announcement in the commercial break during the Turner transmission on Channel 4.

What's it all about? The K Foundation communicates only by communique of the most recondite, recherche kind, usually in hugely expensive newspaper adverts. Recherche me what hey're up to. Last week they sent me a fax inviting me to be one of 40 people who will be transported to a secret destination near London for their first private view, to be held, naturally, on Tuesday evening. I shall be deciding over the weekend whether I want to go to what will obviously be Milton Keynes; you will be in a lather all week waiting to find out.

Will they fork out the pounds 40,000? I have a precedent. Jeff Meddle, of Lancing, sent a cheque for pounds 8.67 to KLF Communications on 3 September 1992 with his order for three KLF recordings. The cheque was cashed; the goods never arrived. Mr Meddle wrote complaining to the box number given by the K Foundation in its adverts; no reply. Mr Meddle is also a part-time astrologer, operating under the name of Madame Morticia. Will they pay out the pounds 40,000? Will they pay out the pounds 8.67? No, no, predicts Mr Meddle.


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