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Title: All Steamed Up
Date: 30 June, 2004
Journal: Liverpool Echo
Author: Tony Barrett
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 1204
Description: another cracking art project from Drummond - he plans to collect 1000 kettles for a photo and to swop kettles with a twin household

All Steamed Up

By Tony Barrett (30 June, 2004, Liverpool Echo)

SINGER turned artist Bill Drummond has got something on the boil in Kensington.

The ex- front man of rock group KLF is collecting kettles as a way of connecting people in two of the country's most diverse areas.

Drummond -who once burned pounds 1 min (sic) cash in a televised stunt - has been knocking on doors in the two Kensingtons of Liverpool and London and asking people to hand over their kettles for a new art project.

His theory for the project is that it doesn't matter where you live or what your background is everyone has a kettle.

Once Bill has got his hands on 1,000 kettles he will take close- up pictures of each of them which he will exhibit at the Liverpool Biennial Art Festival in September.

Bill, now an artist and author, said: "I came up with kettles because everyone has one, no matter where they live,and it is a way of twinning two places which doesn't involve the movement of people.

"Every Kensington resident who takes part will be a ECHO Reporter contributing artist to the Liverpool Biennial."

The project will also see a dozen residents in Liverpool's Latham Court swopping their kettles with those belonging to a dozen residents in Kensington, London.

When the Latham Court residents met Bill and agreed to the kettle exchange, they told him how keen they were to go halfway to London with their kettles, to meet their fellow swoppers.

Now a rendezvous has been set up at a service station in the Midlands where the two sets of kettle swoppers will meet up for a cup of tea.

Latham Court resident Eileen Ellis said: "I would like to meet the person who takes my kettle.

"I love my kettle and I talk to it,just like I talk to everything in my flat."

A trip to Birmingham is now being arranged for later this summer when the kettles will change hands.

Caption: COLLECTION: Ex-KLF front man Bill Drummond with his kettles


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