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Title: Church Art Branded As Blasphemy; Fury at crude word
Date: 20 September, 2002
Journal: Liverpool Echo
Author: Laura Davis
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
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Description: details of the collabarative artwork that includes Drummond's "Is God A Cunt?" with account of the controversy.

Church Art Branded As Blasphemy; Fury at crude word

By Laura Davis (20 September, 2002, Liverpool Echo)

A LIVERPOOL Biennial arts exhibition in a former Catholic Church has been branded as blasphemous.

Artists were today accused of being "offensive and deliberately provocative" over a sculpture at St Peter's in Seel street.

The artwork includes a visitors' book, where people are encouraged to answer the question "Is God a c***?"

Ruth Slater, of the Liverpool-based Community Standards Association, said: "It is outrageous but they want it to be provocative and offensive, especially to people of the Catholic faith.

"Anyone who believes in God would be upset by it."

The book is part of a box-shaped installation, decorated by a team of artists including Turner Prize nominee Tracey Emin, that reaches almost to the church's ceiling.

It was created by Bill Drummond, exmember of early 90s dance-pop act The KLF, best known for making an artistic statement by setting fire to pounds 1m cash.

Visitors to the exhibition have left messages.

One distressed contributor wrote: "It is a disrespectful question to ask, especially in a church."

Another added: "God must be a c*** if he made all of you lot in his own image."

The installation is in the centre of the church, which became disused six years ago and has been sold for conversion to offices.

It is surrounded by original religious frescos and stained glass windows.

Exhibition curator Neil Brown said it aimed to open up discussion about religion in language familiar "to junkies and homeless people".

[Illustration]Caption: STORM: The offending sculpture is in St Peter's church, Seel street, right


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