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Title: KLF Man Releases 9-11 Tribute
Date: 11 September, 2003
Journal: xfm.co.uk
Author: Matt Everitt
Type of resource: News items
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Description: Like the NME article, a rip-off of quotes taken from the Undercover interview.
URL: http://www.xfm.co.uk/Article.asp?b=news&id=13031

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KLF Man Releases 9-11 Tribute

By Matt Everitt (11 September, 2003, xfm.co.uk)

Under the name The Blacksmoke Organisation Jimmy Cauty, the founding member of legendary sonic terrorists The KLF and ambient pioneers The Orb has released a download to mark the second anniversary of September 11.

Cauty is making the track, 'Silent Night' only available online and it will only be available to download today (September 11) after which it will be withdrawn forever. Artwork for the download (images of the Queen wearing a military grade gas mask as postal stamps) entitled 'Blacksmoke Stamps Of Mass Destruction' appeared on the front cover of The Times newspaper last June.

Cauty has explained that the song is intended as a tribute to those that died on September 11 2001.

"I recorded the track a while ago and a few days ago I realised it was going to be the 911 anniversary. We wanted to respond to what was going on," he explained speaking to Undercover News. "Blacksmoke is an occasional art collective and musical group.

"We have just done an EP called 'F**k the F**king F**kers'," he continued, "It is a concept EP, the concept being f**k America basically and f**k weapons of mass destruction. It is like a protest record. It is the kind of record that you would want to put on if you are going to go out on a riot. We do feel quite angry about what has been going on with the war".

After the massive worldwide success of The KLF, Cauty and second KLF member Bill Drummond quit the music industry, both pursuing careers as artists and authors (Drummond recently designed a set of protest playing cards for CND). However the Blacksmoke project isn't heralding a reunion for the duo.

"I hear rumours," he explained. "I do work with Bill on other projects but we are not going to reform or anything like that. Maybe at the end of the world we might do a gig. There are no plans at the moment. I left the whole music thing. I haven't done anything for 10 years. It was only the 911 thing when I started to get some ideas".

You can download Blacksmoke's 'Silent Night' today only at www.blacksmoke.org/911.htm


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