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Title: James Cauty Wishes You A Merry Christmas from Blacksmoke
Date: 10 December, 2004
Journal: Undercover.com.au
Author: Paul Cashmere
Type of resource: News items
Status: webpage
No. views: 2490
Description: Interview quotes from Keir about the Blackoff Advent Calendar.
URL: http://www.undercover.com.au/news/2004/dec04/20041210_blacksmoke.html

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James Cauty Wishes You A Merry Christmas from Blacksmoke

By Paul Cashmere (10 December, 2004, Undercover.com.au)

Blacksmoke year planner

KLF founder James Cauty is sending Christmas cheer through his latest multimedia art collective The Blacksmoke Organisation with an Advent calendar at the Blacksmoke website

Old fans of the KLF, The Jams, The Orb and now Blacksmoke will discover new music as they open doors for each day of the calendar.

The new music in the advent calendar "was recorded earlier this year and like all of the major music works on the Blackoff Advent Calendar it's original Blacksmoke material" Blacksmoke's Keir Jens-Smith tells Undercover News. "The audio content in various containers also feature samples taken from recent Government warning messages in the UK and abroad".

At one stage during the Advent Calendar, fans will hear the new Blacksmoke single. You may like to tell Undercover's readers that on Christmas Day Advent Calendar Container #25 will play the official Blacksmoke Christmas Single... available for one day only (to be deleted on Boxing Day) " Keir says. "This can also be purchased on the day from the Aquarium Gallery as a very Limited Edition 7" single (but heard free on our site)".

2005 will see new music released by Blacksmoke. "We are planning audio releases next year in addition to a complete relaunch of our website (to include a full shop section). We're working on the designs at the moment and it may not surprise you to hear that it's based on the BLACKOFF Advent Calendar design".

The Blacksmoke website is at http://www.blacksmoke.org/


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Posted by Guest on 2005-03-04 01:16:53

Klf were class.Any chance a reunion Pete

Posted by Guest on 2005-03-04 01:19:13

Yes Pete ,i have talked to bill about it and we are planning an album in late summer. Thanks Jim

Posted by Guest on 2005-04-26 16:31:55

i have to say they were ahead of there time It will be great if they got back and released some great music again i'm a made fan have over 100 records so far paul plundh@ozemail.com.au

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