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Title: Blacksmoke: Jimmy Cauty talks to OneMusic about his new project
Date: 22 September, 2003
Author: OneMusic
Type of resource: Interviews
Status: webpage
No. views: 2693
Description: Radio 1's One Music with a short questionnaire interview with Cauty on the occassion of the Blacksmoke Breezeblock session. Mentions names of collaborators.

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Blacksmoke: Jimmy Cauty talks to OneMusic about his new project

By OneMusic (22 September, 2003,

Blacksmoke session Remember the KLF? Then you may have heard of Jimmy Cauty. If not, we can tell you that he has a new project on the way. It's called Blacksmoke, and... er... this is what it's about!

Why did you feel the need to start a label?
We tried very hard to manufacture an image of rebellion, but remain a square peg in a round hole. Although the hole is wearing down, after decades of unrelenting abuse. We are not a label. Blacksmoke is an art collective. Fundamentally a brand that's banned, at least in chart terms.

Will you be signing artists to the label?
The Factory is open. Artists are welcome to apply, the only requirement for joining Blacksmoke is a personal belief in your genius. And clean socks.

Tell us how you put together the Breezeblock mix
It's pure, undiluted Blacksmoke. No commercial concern, no creative limit. This session was produced to the architectural design of James Cauty, with the creative involvement of James Fogarty, Matt Bowyer, Alfie Bear and special guest appearances, by supporters of the cause.

Do you think that music can still be conscious in a world where a band launch their career through a Pringles advert?
The margin between public opinion and corporate decision is widening. As the cracks appear in the political sphere, a single vote is no longer a threat. You can wear a slogan to prove you care, or kick-start the pocket revolution: BUY A BETTER WORLD. Profits are power, so invest in imagination. Hit back at hype.

Do you still feel part of the music industry?
Blacksmoke is a creative parasite. This is a symbiotic relationship; without us the industry may not survive, with us the industry is infected. If the industry had taken proper precautions this would never have occured. The virus is rapidly mutating and thus incurable. Prolonged exposure will result in final metamorphosis.

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