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Title: Exploding Big Ben images 'cheap and insensitive'
Date: 05 November, 2003 ?
Journal: Ananova.com
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Description: Reaction in Brighton to Cauty's 5-11 Big Ben prints exhibition.
URL: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_835646.html

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Exploding Big Ben images 'cheap and insensitive'

By - (05 November, 2003, ? Ananova.com)

An artist's impression of Big Ben exploding like the World Trade Centre has caused outrage among relatives of the September 11 victims.

An image of Big Ben exploding like the World Trade Centre /PA

James Cauty's work, which shows huge fireballs exploding from the London landmark, is an attempt to link Guy Fawkes night with the terror attacks on America.

The second in a set of three images being exhibted in Brighton /PA

Each image is stamped 5-11 in a deliberate reference to the atrocities of September 11, 2001. The images are being exhibited in Mr Cauty's home town of Brighton.

He says his work, called Blacksmoke 5-11, highlights the need to fight terrorism at home as well as in countries such as Iraq. But others say the images are cheap and insensitive.

So far hundreds of people have flocked to see the exhibition at Brighton's artrepublic gallery. The same gallery also displayed another controversial piece by Mr Cauty, which depicted the Queen on a stamp wearing a gas mask during the Iraq war.

Mr Cauty said: "Any uncomfortable reaction to this new artwork may reflect the proximity of the subject. If Blacksmoke 5-11 depicted the government buildings in Baghdad or Kabul, would we pay attention? The war on terrorism starts here."

But family and friends of banker Robert Eaton, who lived near Brighton and died in the New York attacks, are appalled. Gareth Glover, who helped set up the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund, told the Brighton Argus newspaper: "The images are very cheap and highly insensitive. In my opinion they should be treated with the contempt they deserve."

Local MP's have also expressed their concern. Brighton Kemp Town MP Des Turner said: "Perhaps his intention is to shock, and that is an artist's right.

"I am against censorship, but the images may well shock or offend the relatives of those who died in New York. They may well be upset. It sounds as if the pictures would be considered by some to be in poor taste."


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