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Title: untitled (Paul Morley on Edelweiss)
Date: 16 November, 2003
Journal: Observer
Author: Jonathan Wilson
Type of resource: Letters
Status: webpage
No. views: 1854
Description: Paul Morley doesn't know that Edelweiss read the Manual
URL: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/omm/story/0,13887,1083250,00.html

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untitled (Paul Morley on Edelweiss)

By Jonathan Wilson (16 November, 2003, Observer)

Aah, Paul Morley ('On TV'. OMM No 2), glossing over the gaps in his own knowledge by blithely applying a supposition of his own...

Any KLF aficionado would be able to tell you that far from being a result of 'idiotic alpine isolation', hell-bent on introducing 'disco yodelling', 'Edelweiss' was a deliberate, determined attempt to have a No 1 hit single, methodically following the steps outlined by Bill Drummond in The Jamms' book, The Manual: How To Have A Number One - The Easy Way.
Jonathan Wilson
by email


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