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Title: Jimmy's Bunch Of Art
Date: 21 September, 2000
Journal: NME
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Description: Cauty will exhibit his car crash paintings at Hyde Park Corner on Sundays.
URL: http://www.nme.com/news/6238.htm

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Jimmy's Bunch Of Art

By - (21 September, 2000, NME)

Jimmy by the railings

JIMMY CAUTY, one half of former acid-house punk terrorists The KLF, is moving into the art world, and has chosen a novel exhibition space in which to begin.

Every Sunday from this weekend (September 24) until November 5, he will exhibit four recently completed acrylic-on-canvas paintings on a London pavement.

The 'On The Railings' collection will be on view at pitch 455-457 Bayswater Road in the city. The spot is on a stretch of the road near Hyde Park, where amateur artists gather to sell their work - mostly impressions of London landmarks for tourists.

However, Cauty's pictures - measuring a massive 10 feet by 6'2", and based on a theme of car crashes - will not initially be on sale.

A spokesperson for the KLF man - who several years ago, with fellow KLF member Bill Drummond, claimed to have torched £1million in cash on a remote Scottish island - said that he was using the pitch as a way of attracting agents and, possibly, people interested in putting on a more permanent exhibition.

"Jimmy's not really interested in the conventional pictures-in-a-gallery sort of thing," he said. "One idea he has been considering is a drive-thru exhibit, but obviously something like that needs quite a space and a commitment from someone to back it."


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