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Library of Mu record:
Title: Cape Wrath
Date: 08 December, 1995
Journal: Guardian (G2)
Author: K-Foundation
Type of resource: Adverts
Status: text
No. views: 6861
Description: Announcement of the signing of the Cape Wrath contract. Also, plugs the Club Disobey film showing: "8pm Tonight, The Premier Carpark, Brick Lane"

Cape Wrath

By K-Foundation (08 December, 1995, Guardian (G2))


On 5 November 1995, Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond signed a contract with the rest of the world agreeing to end the K foundation for a period of 23 years.



This postponement provides opportunity of sufficient length for an accurate and appropriately executed response to their 'burning of a million quid'. The K Foundation's fate now lies irrevocably sealed in the imploded remains of a Nissan bluebird nestling among the rocks 600 feet below Cape Wrath, Scotland.

8pm Tonight, The Premier Carpark, Brick Lane


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Will they return in 2018 as promised, and possibly grace the world with more musical insanity inspired by the revamped Doctor Who show?

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