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Library of Mu record:
Title: K.L.F. INFO SHEET 6. (AUG/SEPT. 89.)
Date: 1989-08-00
Journal: -
Author: KLF Communications
Type of resource: Official
Status: text
No. views: 6038
Description: Cressida introducing herself, Woodstock 2 appearance, latest White Room news, JAMS LP4 info. Typewritten photocopies. Also Included Completist list (Aug 89), sketch of the duo and merchandise list #3 ('Keep It Locked').


By KLF Communications (1989-08-00, -)

Aug/Sept 1989


From now on, I'm going to be taking over the info and mail order service. We'll also be selling available releases direct, so people who've had difficulty getting the less commercial stuff can get it directly from us.

I've also done a new Completeist List. This doesn't include European releases, which are pretty hard to keep up with. If I've missed anything please let me know.

Anyway, hopefully things will be a bit more organised now (see I can even type!) - Bill and Jimmy are crap at this sort of thing I think.

The lads have done a few impromptu live performances (as K.L.F.not The JAMS). These will develop in their own way, but please don't expect regular gigs. They will be in full effect (lasers, smoke, go go dancers etc.) at WOODSTOCK 2 at The Academy in Brixton on Sept. 30th, in the illustrious company of Liz Torres, Corporation of One, Lollita Holloway, Frankie Bones, Little Louie Vega and more! Tickets are $15 and are available from The Academy, all major ticket agents and the usual record shops. Book early to avoid disappointment.

The White Room (film) - the saga continues. We are currently negotiating with distributors for a release. This will probably take some time.

The White Room (album) will be out sometime this year.

The next release will be JAMS LP4 - THE WHAT TIME IS LOVE STORY (25th Sept). This is a six-track, 40 minute mid-price LP. It's a sample of some of the illegal (it's in their karma) cover versions of everybody's favourite arm-waving-in-the-lasers track, that have been popping up all over Europe this year. Also included is a recording of the K.L.F.'s premier live performance at The Land of Oz on 31st July 1989.

There will be more.

Til then kick back and relax

Cress Disco 3000. XXXXXXXXXXX

P.S. Jimmy and Bill send their love. They are, as usual, slaving over a hot mixing desk.


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