1988 INFO SHEET TWO- Library of Mu

Library of Mu record:
Title: 1988 INFO SHEET TWO
Date: 1988-07-06
Journal: -
Author: KLF Communications
Type of resource: Official
Status: text
No. views: 3766
Description: Number One position thoughts, future projects, general query replies, JAMS LP1, The JAMs Philosophy. A handwritten photocopy on JAMs notepaper. Also included Merchandise Sheet #2 (the '3 DJs' sheet - Cartoon by Jimmy, handwritten text).


By KLF Communications (1988-07-06, -)

On 1988 Info Sheet One (10th March) there was a P.S. "Don't be surprised if every thing changes". Well, they did & we didn't quite manage the low profile we were hoping for. We hope you enjoyed the irony of the JAMs making it to No1 in the U.K. charts with "Probably the most nauseating record in the world", we did, we also enjoyed celebrating the trashier side of pop. But you don't have to worry there will not be a Timelords follow up.

Some answers to general queries

  1. We can not do a record mail order service (yet)
  2. The 'Shag Times' & 'Towards Trance' compilations only available in Europe will soon be made available here.
  3. Gary Glitter is a diamond geezer.
  4. Man Rock & I are currently working on an art exhibition to be staged in the Autumn.
  5. 'Deep Shit' can never be made generally available, but don't be surprised if it turns up in odd places.
  6. JAMs world tour in 1989.
  7. Next proper JAMs LP in 1989.
  8. Yes we are long standing Doctor Who fans (been pretty crap of late).
  9. We will update the completist list at the end of this year.
  10. The Face Add? We sold 3 of the 5 L.P.s we were selling for a $1,000 each, it went some way to paying off our creditors, we gave one away as a prize. We have one left, the price just keeps going up.
  11. Last year the music press thought we existed to sample, this year they think we exist to scam, neither are true, we exist to do what the fuck we want to do, actually, even that's not correct we just can't help ourselves, things just happen and we watch them, it's like "look we're on Top Of The Pops, oh my god its at No.One, who let that happen"
Yours K.Boy Dante & Man Rock.

P.S. As usual don't be surprised if all changes yet again.


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