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Title: Underground - Bad Wisdom
Date: 05 April, 2003
Journal: Guardian (G2)
Author: Steven Poole
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: webpage
No. views: 1528
Description: A short review of the Creation Books re-release: "a classic of underground psychogeography".
URL: http://books.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,,929561,00.html

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Underground - Bad Wisdom

By Steven Poole (05 April, 2003, Guardian (G2))

Bad Wisdom, by Bill Drummond and Mark Manning (Creation, 9.95)

This extraordinary book, first published in 1996, ought to have signalled the death knell for the sensitive literary travelogue and its zany brethren. No such luck, of course. It is purportedly a true account of how Drummond (a former member of stadium-trance geniuses, the KLF, and art pranksters, the K Foundation) and Manning (once known as Zodiac Mindwarp) travelled to the North Pole in order to sacrifice there an effigy of Elvis Presley, so that the King's good karma would soak down the leylines and bring about world peace. It reads almost nostalgically, as a last hurrah of lovable techno-hippyism: a chapter heading such as "Teenage Virgin Supermodels Eat Shit" is probably a slogan on an FCUK T-shirt by now. Nevertheless, there are enough hallucinogenic Burroughsian interludes, and highly entertaining political and cultural discussions, for this to remain a classic of underground psychogeography. SP


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