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Title: The What Time Is Love Story
Date: October 1989 ?
Journal: Q Magazine
Author: Ian Cranna
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: text
No. views: 7082

The What Time Is Love Story

By Ian Cranna (October 1989, ? Q Magazine)

*** (3 stars)

The continuing story of Mad Bill Drummond: Part 4. Having abandoned sampling as too lawsuit-inducing and ranting in a broad Scottish accent as being of slightly too limited appeal, our hero and his faithful sidekick Jim Cauty have turned their attention to the club scene. Earlier this year they put out a whirling house stomper called What Time Is Love-not so much of a tune but a good beat and very popular in the clubs. Since then, according to the press release, said acid-influenced stomper has spawned no fewer than 18 cover versions all across Europe. (Pause for suspension of disbelief.) This LP collects the original, a live version, plus various house, Italian and Belgian-style tributes, of which one wonders why all the vocalists sound so alike (and British, even when praising Allah), and wouldn't it be a good scam if you released 18 differing versions scattered across Europe? On the other hand, seeing as the whole thing sells for under a fiver, you could just enter into the spirit of it all and just have fun with some rather good dance music. What will Mad Bill Drummond get up to next? Stay tuned ...


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Posted by Guest on 2008-01-29 04:41:11

I love the Life from the land of OZ version

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