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Title: Chill Out
Date: 1996-03-01 ?
Journal: Mix-Mag
Author: Dom Philips
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: text
No. views: 10219
Description: excerpt from 50 greatest dance albums article - Chill Out was No. 5

Chill Out

By Dom Philips (1996-03-01, ? Mix-Mag)

50 greatest dance albums - No. 5, Chill Out - The KLF

Many people thought it was a pisstake, but like everything the KLF did it was at least as serious as it was ironic. Jimmy Cauty, remember, had kickstarted the whole ambient business anyway, DJing with The Orb's Alex Patterson upstairs in the VIP room at seminal London house night Land Of Oz. And this album has more than stood the test of time. Sheep on the cover, barking dogs, strains of Fleetwood Mac's 'Albatross'; train noises and Elvis Presley... 'Chill out' is a gorgeous patchwork of sound, noise and melody -- like daydreaming on a train or dozing off in a warm Summer field. But it's more than a collection of noise effects, instead the samples are carefully woven into a beautiful spider's web of sound. Brian Eno says he discovered ambient while lying sick in bed listening to a classical record on low volume as it blended in with the sound of heavy rain outside. KLF knew exactly what he meant. Dom Philips


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