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Title: K-Foundation In The City interview
Date: 06 September, 1995
Journal: Radio 1
Author: Steve Lamacq
Type of resource: Radio items
Status: text
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K-Foundation In The City interview

By Steve Lamacq (06 September, 1995, Radio 1)

This is a transcription of the report on the K-Foundation appearance on Monday evening (4 Sep) at Manchester's (UK) "In The City" music business conference, held this week (2 - 5 Sep). This report was broadcast on Radio 1 on Wednesday evening (6 Sep). It features an interview with Bill Drummond (BD) and Jimmy Cauty (JC) by Steve Lamacq (SL).


SL: Yesterday, the K Foundation, formerly The KLF, placed an advert in one of the national newspapers asking the question "Why did The K Foundation burn a million quid?". You probably know this legend, but just over a year ago, the duo, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, reportedly went to the Isle of Jura and literally set light to a million pounds. It was the latest, effectively in an amazing episode in their career which basically as pop terrorists has seen them nailing wads of money to picture frames as art statements and all sorts of things.

Anyway, yesterday's rumours were proved right, the two of them did turn up at "In The City" to show a film which was 67 minutes long and simply shows them burning the money, it was just that, straight footage of money burning, nothing else at all.

Afterwards they came on stage and in front of a 100-plus audience, they asked for people's opinions, not on whether this was an ethical act, but was it Rock'n'Roll? The answer is that they are, the film isn't, and burning a million pounds is something Malcolm McLaren wouldn't have done even at the height of punk.

We talked to Bill and Jimmy afterwards, expecting a straight re-run of their appearance downstairs earlier on, but instead we got a brand new track from them, and some rock'n'roll tips.

First though I asked them why, a year on, they've decided to actually show this film, which is, in effect, the evidence that they really did burn a million pounds.

JC: Well, I think it took us a year to come to terms with it ourselves, because it was quite a difficult thing to do. We needed a bit of time to just kind of think about it, and try and figure out a way of presenting it to everybody else.

SL: Did you actually have some sort of real feelings of come-down?

BD: There's a big hole, its like if you do anything I'm sure, even if you do your show, there's a bit after you do the show its like "Uh? What now?", you know, you've been speaking to all these people, it means you go down the pub you know its like that empty bit afterwards, but obviously this is the biggest thing in some ways that we've ever done. So we have the biggest bit... after.

SL: So you're asking the question today of a room full of industry people, "Is this Rock'n'Roll?". Was this a rock'n'roll event, burning a million pounds, and what sort of reaction did you feel you got, was it what you expected?

JC: I didn't really know what I was expecting today actually. I got very hot up there, that's all I can remember about it really. Well we're proud of it now, we wanna share it with everybody, and that's kinda what we're doing, we're saying we've done this, and here it is. Can anybody get anything out of it?

BD: And we're very proud of the film, this film is the best kinda visual thing that we've ever done.

JC: Some things you do, you know like you might make a record and its quite a... it's not a very interesting thing for us to do, but this is proving to be very interesting.

SL: OK, so you're gonna go around the country showing this film in various places. Any particular ideas of where you're gonna go to next?

BD: Errr, we're going to Serbia next week, to ask them if its a crime against humanity.

SL: Do you not think maybe this is gonna be the real test of the moral argument, I imagine?

JC: We were invited over there to show it, its not something we just thought of, to show it as an art film, because nobody's going over there, nobody's doing anything over there at the moment, so they're kinda starved of... stuff.

SL: Because obviously its a strange time to be going to somewhere like Serbia at the moment in the same week that people are recording tracks for this "Help!" LP which is for young people in Bosnia.

BD: We got asked to do a track for the Bosnia album, and we thought we were gonna be in Serbia. And then for some reason we decided that maybe we should do a track. We actually tried to phone you last night, 'cos what we needed, we needed a lot of fans of Robbie, ex of Take That, and then, I'm sure your listeners aren't made up of Robbie fans, but there might have been some there, and in actually fact, the track evolved in a completely different, other way.

SL: So the upshot is that you've recorded a track for "Help!".

BD: Yeah. Robbie was gonna be on the track but Robbie is in actual fact on holiday with his mum in Turkey.

SL: Can you tell us anything about it at all?

JC: It's a novelty record. Which is something we're good at.

SL: Do you think it's rock'n'roll, obviously that's the question you were asking earlier on?

JC: Well, yeah, sometimes I do, yeah.

SL: Was there anything you compare it to, in terms of erm, any rock'n'roll precedents set that you'd like it to be like?

JC: Er, well, nailing yourself to a tree we thought of today, would be a similar type of thing, or driving your car into a swimming pool. But its better than all those things. Its better than throwing TVs out of windows, its better than all that.

BD: And the Keith Moon thing of driving your Rolls Royce into the swimming pool, and that has always lived with me as like an ultimate rock'n'roll thing to do.

JC: And it was his Rolls Royce wasn't it?

BD: Of course it was his Rolls Royce, he didn't go and drive his manager's, or his mate's, it was his Rolls.

JC: ... that he nailed to the tree as well.

BD: Yeah. He didn't go and kick over someone else's drum kit, he kicked over his own drum kit.

SL: Would you ever feel that you had to now top burning a million pounds, or is that enough for you?

JC: Well you can't really top it as kind of an event, but yeah, hopefully, yeah, there is life beyond burning money.

BD: We're not going to make a career out of burning money. Done our million.

Then followed a playing of The Magnificent by The One World Orchestra featuring the Massed Pipes and Drums of the Children's Revolutionary Guard from the HELP! album released by War Child.


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Posted by Guest on 2009-10-05 23:47:25

just watched the BBC documentary that ended with this bit.. fantastic. refreshing. epic..

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