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Date: 10 November, 1999
Journal: NME
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Description: 1-2-1 details

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By - (10 November, 1999, NME)

THE KLF's Jimmy Cauty has joined the race for the Christmas and millennium Number One slots with his new outfit Solid Gold ChartBusters and their track '1-2-1'.

The single, which features samples of mobile phones ringing and unknown vocalist Denise Palmer, was penned by Cauty and 'Vindaloo' co-writer/Pink Floyd (obviously a past-their-best lineup) ex-bassist Guy Pratt. It has been mixed by Oasis' current producer Mark 'Spike' Stent.

Cauty and Pratt, both dressed as mobile phones, and a host of stars including comedians Roland Rivron and The Fast Show's John Thomson, filmed the video on London Bridge last week. The promo also features a dummy of Tony Blair being thrown into the Thames.

Cauty explained: "It's awful. Hear it once and that's it, it's all over. There is nothing vaguely hip, it's just pure now, throwaway novelty pop."

Apart from his work with The KLF, Cauty also hit Number One with 'Doctorin' The Tardis' under the guise of The Timelords and he and musical partner Bill Drummond wrote the book The Manual, which instructed would-be stars on how to have a Number One.

'1-2-1', released next month on Virgin, is currently 16/1 to hit Number One at Christmas, and 100/1 to stay there until the millennium.


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