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Title: Bill's Back
Date: 12 August, 1999
Journal: NME
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Description: Drummond narration on new Skyray album, also new Mark Manning book.

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Bill's Back

By - (12 August, 1999, NME)

Former KLF/K Foundation man Bill Drummond has broken his lengthy musical silence to appear on the new Skyray album 'Mind Lagoons', released by Ochre records on August 30.

Going under the name Tenzing Scott-Brown, Drummond - ex manager of The Teardrop Explodes and Echo and the Bunnymen - narrates lyrics over the album's title track.

The album is the third release from ex-Teardrop Explodes keyboardist and Wild Swans singer Paul Simpson, who is now known as Skyray, and will also feature John Lawrence of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Alan Holmes of Ectogram and, most recently, The Serpents. Skyray will play UK dates soon.

Meanwhile, occasional Drummond collaborator Mark Manning aka Zodiac Mindwarp's as yet untitled new novel (described as "a psychotically rock'n'roll novel for the criminally insane") will be published in early 2000 by Attack Books.


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Posted by Guest on 2013-08-07 09:24:04

August 7th 2013 a Radio Broadcast and Gig from the Curfew Tower: Listed to perform is one Tenzig Scott Brown. Penkiln Burn Poster 528 contains the words (among others) BILL DRUMMOND: 1953: Born in Gcuwa, Transkei 1968: Buys The White Album by The Beatles 1984: Buys book of poems by Robert Service. Book contains The Land of Beyond 1986: Writes and records instrumental tune 1986: Uses line from The Land of Beyond as title for tune 1986: Releases The Man album. Track one, side one is True To The Trail 2002: Presses True To The Trail as 7” vinyl 45 in an edition of five 2002: Plays True To The Trail on Dansette Monarch before each performance lecture 2005: Decides True To The Trail is his theme tune 2006: Decides True To The Trail will play as his coffin glides behind the curtain 2013: Tells this story in back garden of The Curfew Tower on evening of 7 August 2013 and TENZING SCOTT BROWN: 1904: James Scott Brown born Melrose, Scotland 1953: James Scott Brown becomes estranged uncle to Bill Drummond 1953: Tenzing Norgay climbs Everest 1956: Stray cat climbs ivy on Scottish manse and into Bill Drummond’s bedroom 1956: Drummond family adopt stray cat and call her Tenzing 1999: Tenzing Scott Brown becomes pseudonym of Bill Drummond 2012: Tenzing Scott Brown plays True To The Trail on Dansette Monarch on top of The Curfew Tower 2012: Tenzing Scott Brown records the playing of True To The Trail on mobile phone 2013: Tenzing Scott Brown sends recording on mobile phone to Static Gallery, Liverpool Courtesy of KJ on the mailing list.

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