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Title: Drummond blasts McGee's party politics
Date: 25 October, 1997
Journal: NME
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
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Description: description of a discussion between Drummond and Alan McGee, boss of Creation Records

Drummond blasts McGee's party politics

By - (25 October, 1997, NME)

Bill Drummond has launched an attack on Creation boss Alan McGee for getting to close to the Government.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Friday, October 10, Drummond said: "I get very frightened of what's happening at the moment. It seems that the Government, the political establishment, has co-opted the arts to its bossom. But it is the job of the arts to stand outside of that establishment. Right now it seems that there is no creative opposition. As soon as you start becoming part of the PR of the Government, it's a slippery slide. I'm not trying to make out that it's some sort of Fascist state, but it's a dangerous area for the arts to get into."

McGee had been talking about his role in the government think-tank on the arts and about the initiative to set up training schemes in practical areas such as contract law for people entering the music industry.

"The music industry is a little enclave in itself that has never sought or neede Government support," said McGee. "But with Government backing, it could be so much juicier."

"It is the job of rock'n'roll to stay outside of any government-supported schemes and not to be financially assisted or helped," retored Drummond.

"The basic difference between me and Bill is that I don't actially see myself as a rebel", said McGee.

Meanwhile, 2K are inviting the general public to have their say on whether or not to "f--- the millennium". They've opened a phone vote line where callers can place their yes or no votes. The number to call is: 0890-909-2000. The band will then announce the results at 12pm this Sunday (October 26).

An advert for the phone line reads, "Give the mandate of the people, K2 Plant Hire Ltd will use all means necessary to f--- the millennium."

Asked what the band would do if the result was, "No. don't f--- the millennium", 2K's spokesman replied: "They'll have to withdraw all copies of the single or retire gracefully."

2K released their new single, "F--- The Millennium" on Monday.


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