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Title: Pre-millennium tension hits new high
Date: 27 September, 1997
Journal: NME
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 4433
Description: speculation that new grafitti on London's National Theatre was by the KLF

Pre-millennium tension hits new high

By - (27 September, 1997, NME)

2K are believed to be behind the slogan, "1997 What The F---'s Going On", that was daubed on the wall of London's National Theatre in the early hours of Thursday morning (September 18).

The National Theatre on the South Bank was daubed with a similar message ten years ago when Drummond and Cauty, then known as The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, released the single "1987 What The F---'s Going On?".

The night before the graffiti appeared, 2K's Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty appeared at London's Barbican Centre - the first live gig since 1992. They performed new single "F--- The Millennium", which is a reworking of their former hit "What Time Is Love".

Nich McHugh, from the National Theatre, told NME: "It's in the hands of the police. We noticed it on Thursday morning at about 1.30. We have absolutely no idea what it means. We originally though it might be disgruntled Diana fans.

"We're not especially irritated by it. It's unfortunate they decided to use the National as a target. Someone will have to clean it off today. But it's caused the minimum of inconvenience."

McHugh, woh said he had heared of The KLF but not 2K, said that there were no security cameras on that side of the building. He added that the theatre had had no complaints and noone had come in asking what the message meant.


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