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Title: all bound for *millennium* land
Date: February 1998
Journal: Fortean Times
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 3121
Description: Drummond and Cauty have "a curious plan to mark the new millennium", details of the pyramid plan, and mention of previous activities including their plan to buy the Rollright Stones.

all bound for *millennium* land

By - (February 1998, Fortean Times)

from Fortean Times, Issue #107, February 1998

THE ENIGMATIC MUSICAL pranksters formerly known as the KLF have again come to FT's attention with a curious plan to mark the new millennium. The duo, Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, now operating as K2 Plant Hire, have announced that they intend to erect a massive pyramid containing one brick for every person born in the UK during the 20th century. The pyramid is to be built as part of their "Fuck The Millennium" project, at a location as yet undetermined, but assuredly not in the south-east of England.

In keeping with previous Cauty and Drummond activities, there is a certain degree of whimsy to the whole enterprise. According to a statement on the K2 Plant Hire website ( the pyramid is to be constructed without state or private funding of any sort. They request that members of the public "collect as many abandoned bricks as they may have lying around where lost bricks may be found" after which "K2 Plant Hire will collect the bricks and organise the rest". The idea was inspired by a recent telephone poll organised by the duo, in which members of the public voted by 18,436 to 2,227 in favour of the proposition, "Fuck The Millennium".

Prior to this, the pair were rumoured to have attempted to put in a bid for the Rollright Stones [see FT105:21 and page 50 of this issue]. According to psychogeographer and novelist Stewart Home, they had lodged a bid which went far above all others, but were thwarted by then owner Pauline Flick. According to Home, there were worries that their acquisition of the Stones "would result in the violent death of innumerable public figures". The pair's previous antics have included dumping a dead sheep at a music awards ceremony after firing blanks at the audience from a machine gun, purportedly burning 1,000,000 on a remote Scottish island, and opposing the Turner prize by awarding 40,000 - twice the Turner prize money - to winner Rachael Whiteread for "the worst work of art" of 1994.

Big Issue, 15-21 Sept
Guardian, 5 Nov 1997

[Picture entitled 'The People's Pyramid' - pyramid in background, Moses-type character in foreground holding a stone tablet with '2K' engraved upon it. Similarly ancient-style workers carving out huge slabs of stone, but with the inclusion of JCB machinery dotted around.]


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