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Title: 2K: Brickin' it!
Date: 08 November, 1997 ?
Journal: NME
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
No. views: 5815
Description: the plans for the pyramid as taken from press release. "A 2K spokesman refused to answer any questions whatsoever related to the project".

2K: Brickin' it!

By - (08 November, 1997, ? NME)

2K have added a further scheme in their plans to "f--- the millennium".

A website dedicated to their latest endeavours announced that they are planning the construction of a solid pyramid consisting of approximately 87,257,000 housebricks - roughly one for every person born in the UK in the 20th century, whether they've lived for 90 seconds or 90 years - according to 2K's calculations.

They estimate the pyramid will be roughly 150ft high with a base of 300ft.

The structure will be known as the Great Northern Pyramid Of The People, or more commonly as the People's Pyramid.

They're calling on members of the public to donate any abandoned housebricks they have lying around, behind dustbins, used as door stoppers or in their gardens. They say that one-and-a-half bricks per person living in the UK will be needed. K2 Plant Hire Ltd will collect the bricks and organise the project. Collection details and the site of the pyramid will be announced in the near future. Building will apparently begin at the beginning of the 21st century when they are in full possessions of the accurate birth statistics. A 2K spokesman refused to answer any questions whatsoever related to the project. The website address is at www.k2planthire.ltd.uk


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