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Title: 2K at the Barbican
Date: 1997-08-27
Journal: Time Out
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
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Description: brief listings plug "If you fail to be excited by this, you are simply wrong"

2K at the Barbican

By - (1997-08-27, Time Out)

from Time Out August 27 - September 3 1997

Tuesday 2 September
2K Barbican Main Hall, 7pm; 10.

Trailed in last week's Time Out by adverts heralding the re-appearance of 'the greatest rave band in the world ever', this one-off performance comes ten years since The JAMs first appeared, and five years since The KLF eventually disbanded. Tonight, Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond are 2K, an act inspired by The William Fairey Brass Band's version of the nine-year-old KLF anthem 'What Time Is Love!'. This 23 minute performance, to be broadcast live on MTV and Radio One, provides an opportunity to ponder 'the next 840 days of our lives' tie there's a dodgy millennium connection) and pre-empts a single release later this month. If you fail to be excited by this, you are simply wrong.

[picture: old gits look over a wall]
[caption: Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, having aged badly since 1991 when they sold more singles than anybody else in the world, unveil their new project, 2K, at the Barbican, Tue.]


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