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Library of Mu record:
Title: ? (Ian Broudie)
Date: 1997-01-01
Journal: Mix-Mag
Author: ?
Type of resource: Excerpts
Status: text
No. views: 4376
Description: juicy details about how Broudie met Drummond and got involved with Illuminatus! and Big In Japan

? (Ian Broudie)

By ? (1997-01-01, Mix-Mag)

Extract from an Ian Broudie/Lightning Seeds interview

"One day, I was sat with my brothers guitar in its case. Suddenly, this massive bloke comes over, gets it out and starts singing a Kinks song at the top of his voice, smashing the strings like a nutcase. He broke three strings and I was going, Who the hell are you?"

Enter Bill Drummond, who would later run Zoo Records (home to Teardrop Explodes and Echo And The Bunnymen), launch an unsuccessful solo career and become half of The KLF.

"We shared a bus home and he mentioned he was a stage manager and there was this new sci-fi play at the Liverpool School which needed some music."

Thus a three-day production of Illuminations-directed by a "resting" actor who'd had bit parts in sitcoms - included a two-minute song played by Broudie on his brothers guitar. Drummond was also assembling an art-pop band featuring local "nutty woman and character" Jayne Casey.

"I loved Bill. I thought he was insane," chuckles Broudie. "He asked me to join this band, Big In Japan. He was kind of the manager. At least, he hired the van and booked the clubs, which impressed me."

Big In Japan consisted of Casey clothed in yellow nappies and leotard, historically obscure vocalist Ken Ward, kilt-wearing Drummond and Lennon-lookalike Broudie on guitars...

[ corking picture of Bill with Big In Japan from 1978!]


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