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Date: 1997-01-01
Journal: Blah Blah Blah
Author: Bill Drummond
Type of resource: Articles
Status: text
No. views: 4815
Description: Bill's opinion on the Jarvis vs Jacko incident at the 96 BRITS, and the way the media was manipulated by their publicists. Turns out Gimpo was actually roadying for Jackson on that fateful evening and did manage to touch him.


By Bill Drummond (1997-01-01, Blah Blah Blah)

"I've touched the soul of Michael Jackson!" Gimpo told me. I was round at his place in Clerkenwell. It was a shitty Tuesday afternoon sometime in February. If anybody on the earth could touch Jackson's soul it had to be Gimpo. I accepted his words and sought no explanation. Gimpo had been roadying backstage at the Brit Awards the night before. His job was to stand under the "mountain" that Jackson walked down to perform "Earth Song", and afterwards move the mountain into two halves to let Michael and his children through. The top of the mountain was made from some sort of steel gridding and as Jackson walked above Gimpo's head, Gimpo was able to stick a finger up through the grill and touch the sole of Jackson's foot.

To touch the hem of Jesus's cloak was all that was needed for the true believer to be cured of the ailments he had. Something like this was going on but Gimpo's the one with strange powers.

What happened next is already set in stone as a great moment in pop history. Jacko decended the mountain and went straight for his pop-star-as-Messiah performance. Every great pop star worth his myth has to go through this Messiah phase. It had taken Michael many years to get to this point in his career.

Jarvis Cocker, the greatest British pop star since Morrissey, was entering his Son Of God/Messiah thing at the same precise moment as Jacko. Jarvis's ego couldn't take the fact that there was room for plenty of Messiahs in pop and God had more than one son. Two stars going for Messiahdom on the same stage at the same time = classic pop moment. So Jarvis leaps up, wiggles his bum and "kicks some precocious brats".

The purpose of the Brit Awards is to promote British pop music as a serious, mature industry to the rest of the world and sell loads of records. Fine.

But these days the 'Who won what' story is bollocks. We don't give a shit which indie dance video clip won what. We want to know which bloated egos fucked up, got totally pissed, took too many drugs, got caught shagging in the bogs, got beaten up. And we want to see evidence of the whole thing happening live in colour. Now.

The Jarvis-Jacko incident was the perfect story.

As a pop punter, what I enjoyed about the Jarvis lunge for Messiahdom vs. Jacko's carefully crafted assault was the way it played out in the press over the next 48 hours. Jacko's entourage ussyed the statement: "I'm sickened, saddened, shocked, upset, cheated and angered by Jarvis Cocker's disgusting and cowardly behaviour". The tabloid headlines fell in behind the Jackson line on thing with: 'Plonker from Pulp', 'Yob Cocker', 'Jacko Pulps lout Cocker'. All classic stuff.

A mate of mine who does Pulp's TV and Radio PR knew what had to be done. Within 24 hours headlines like 'Good on yer, old Cocker', 'Cocker demands Jackson apology' and 'Free the Pulp!' appeared. The moral high ground had been shifted by the art of PR and Jarvis was the hero of contemporary pop pickers across the nation. His lunge for Messiahdom, however unpremeditated, had truly trashed Jacko's well-rehearsed one.

But time moves on and at this arse-end of the year it already feels that Cocker has thrown away his moment. As it is, 'Earth Song' stands as the great single of the '90s and the accompanying promo clips the pop video ever made.

As someone once told me after seeing the 'Earth Song' video for the first time, the reason why the K Foundation burned a million quid is because they knew they'd never be as talented as Jackson."

[In 1992 Bill Drummond of The KLF machine-gunned the audience at The Brit Awards. In 1996 he watched Jarvis jerk-off Jacko...]


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Posted by Guest on 2008-01-04 13:35:15

I'm not entirely sure what to believe. Youtube.

Posted by Guest on 2008-11-12 09:00:59

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