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Title: untitled (Cauty police case)
Date: 07 December, 1996
Journal: Melody Maker
Author: ?
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 1613
Description: Cauty told "Don't do it again" but no charges pressed (on either weapons or breach of the peace). He celebrates by playing at Richard Branson's V2 label's party.

untitled (Cauty police case)

By ? (07 December, 1996, Melody Maker)

Jimmy Cauty was told "Don't do it again!" when he turned up at Torquay Police station last Wednesday (November 27) over alleged firearms offences.

Police decided not to press charges when they found that both Saracen armoured vehicles Cauty drove down to the A30 protest site in Devon in October had been de-activated for weapons use.

Police also decided not to charge Cauty with disturbing the peace. He had been waking local residents every morning with Louis Armstrong records.

Cauty celebrated his escape from the law by playing at the party for Richard Branson's new V2 label that night.


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