Bad Wisdom- Library of Mu

Library of Mu record:
Title: Bad Wisdom
Date: 09 November, 1996
Journal: NME
Author: Gavin Martin
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: text
No. views: 1814
Description: sums it up well, mainly giving the background to saving the world "the troubled, explosive festering imaginations of the two authors" "a Boy's Own adventure to end them all"

Bad Wisdom

By Gavin Martin (09 November, 1996, NME)

Shattered refugees from the world of rock fame and peripheral metal mayhem, Manning and Drummond courted breakdown and depression before setting out on the trail of Bad Wisdom.

It was 1992, and time to shape up - Drummond had discarded The KLF and, along with fellow Elvis acolyte Manning, set out to save the world.

But how were they to save a planet in the thrall of techno pervs and cyber Nazis, its major continents mutating under nationalist bigotry and social implosion? How about placing an image of the source of all 20th Century freedom and Dionysian ecstacy - Elvis Presley - at the North Pole? It might not work, but there could be a book in it.

And now indeed there is - a documentary of both the task in hand and the troubled, explosive festering imaginations of the two authors as they undertake it - Bad Wisdom is a Boy's Own adventure to end them all. Though there's nothing about the infamous million-pound money-burning episode (it post- dated the events contained here) there is scatology, misogyny, spiritual enlightenment, revelations from Drummond's troubled KLF conscience plus perceptive, moving and outrageous passages where they meet Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Keith Richards and Madonna.

All in all, a hilarious, hateful and hellraising spellbinder that augurs well for the next two parts of the trilogy, where the duo undertake trips to darkest Africa (already accomplished) and the moon (they're still working on it).


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