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Title: Pick of the Week - Omnibus
Date: 05 November, 1995
Journal: Scotland On Sunday (Spectrum)
Author: ?
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: original
No. views: 1589
Description: Doesn't say much really

Pick of the Week - Omnibus

By ? (05 November, 1995, Scotland On Sunday (Spectrum))

The pop duo KLF - aka Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty - were well on their way to becoming the Monkees of the techno era when, at the 1992 Brit Awards, they announced their retirement. KLF immediately transmogrified into the K Foundation, whose first act was to award the artist Rachel Whiteread £40000 for the worst body of art in 1993, on the same night that she was awarded the £20000 Turner Prize for that year's best body of work. Drummond and Cauty then flew £1m in freshly minted £50 notes to the Isle of Jura - and burnt the lot. A video was made of the conflagratio, and strangely unsettling to watch it is too. "It's to do with controlling the money, and the money not controlling us," says Cauty, who, nonetheless, is beginning to feel somewhat uneasy about the act when we catch up with them six months later. "There is a possibility that it was a complete waste of time." They then set off to try and sell a suitcase full of ashes as a work of art before deciding to tour the video of the money being burnt as a form of installation art. Opinions differ as to the wisdom of what they did. Ultimately, neither seem that fazed by it - and it would seem that they did have a million to burn. Interesting, all the same, and a film which in inself may be some sort of clever publicity stunt. Watch it until the end.


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