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Title: A Bible Of Dreams
Date: 02 November, 1994
Journal: NME
Author: Gavin Martin
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: original
No. views: 1915

A Bible Of Dreams

By Gavin Martin (02 November, 1994, NME)

A BIBLE OF DREAMS: WE Drummond & MS Manning (Curfew Press)

CAN YOU handle it? Can you afford it might be a more pertinent question. Not easily - this weighty volume isn't likely to make it onto too many book shelves, it's limited to 200 copies and it costs 500. The first publication for Curfew, the publishing venture run by Drummond (he of KLF and The K Foundation) and Manning (better known as Zodiac Mindwarp), is bound to invoke outrage, controversy and possibly, legal ructions.

Originally pieced together by Manning in a scrapbook as an attempt "to keep sane" on a 1992 Scandinavian Mindwarp tour, this collection of hardcore porn, cartoon characters, religious icons and swastikas is here prefaced with an excellent introduction and plate-by-plate commentary from Drummond. The 47 plates include images of ejaculating penises and women having sex with dogs and donkeys - not the sort of thing to show to young kids, your mother, father, or anyone else in particular.

This strange and foreboding tome is described by the publishers as a book of "heavy, forbidden knowledge", the illustrations uncovering, amongst other things, links between the rarefied world of classical art and hardcore porn, sex and religion, the battle between the sexes and buggery as a form of international policing(!). Drummond's text is a sweeping, eye-bulging piece overturning the darkest corners of his soul - fears, desires, prejudices and misogyny all thrown into the churning mix.

The sort of uncompromising product that dallies with the output of a man most recently famed for burning UKP1 million, A Bible Of Dreams is a lavish extension of the authors' past work - Zodiac's exploration of the sexual godhead and Drummond's ability to taunt the cultural zeitgeist - namely the vexed issue of copyright and sex as a staple selling point. So how many Drummond completetists out there want to sign on for a Bible installment plan? Get it while, or indeed if, you can.


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Posted by Guest on 2007-12-26 08:02:22

i can handle it and want one...actually if there really is a payment plan and if, in fact, they actually exist nina

Posted by Guest on 2007-12-26 08:02:59

i can handle it and want one...actually if there really is a payment plan and if, in fact, they actually exist

Posted by Guest on 2009-08-20 22:23:34

it exists - i received a copy from Zed yesterday.

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