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Title: Artists Against The Bill
Date: 1994-11-01
Journal: Mix-Mag
Author: ?
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 1625
Description: K.F armoured truck has a 5 and a half K PA rig and is being hired out for CJB protests

Artists Against The Bill

By ? (1994-11-01, Mix-Mag)

The pin striped suits at the reins of the political process may have turned their backs on the issue, but forces within the dance music world are mobilising, kick started into action by the prospect of the clause which affects them and dance music the most.

Released on October 24th, 'Repetitive Beats' is a four track shot across the bows from motley collective Retribution on the London based Sabrettes label. Drawing impetus from across the musical camps this coalition with a message includes Lol Hammond from the Drum Club, Butterfly/Killing Joke's Youth, and Fun-Da-Mental's Dave Watts on vocals.

With backing from London Records, the idea is to 'create a buzz', chart the bastard, and propel the Bill into the mainstream limelight.

To accompany the record, Retribution are shooting a "full on" video, says Lol, with footage from the Advance Party Trafalgar Square demonstration, which took place in July, thrown in. There are also plans to incorporate a luminous green striped Saracen armoured vehicle owned by the KLF boys, who are currently building a five and a half K rig into its impregnable interior.


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