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Title: Duo with 1m to burn leave island guessing
Date: 04 October, 1994
Journal: The Times
Author: Gillian Bowditch
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 5473
Description: Reaction on Jura to the cash burning.

Duo with 1m to burn leave island guessing

By Gillian Bowditch (04 October, 1994, The Times)

Islanders on Jura are used to rich southern visitors with money to burn, but the activities of two former pop stars who allegedly burnt £1m in cash in the dead of night have left many on the island bewlidered, incredulous and angry.

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, formerly of the pop group KLF and the men behind the K Foundation's alternative Turner prize, are said to have gone with two witnesses to the Hebridean island, where between 12.45am and 2.45am on August 23 they built a fire and burnt 20,000 £50 notes.

The first the islanders knew was when Alex Riley Smith, a local landowner, found £1,500 in £50 notes on the beach while fishing five days later. Some had been charred. Mr Riley Smith called the local constabulary from Islay.

Sergeant Lachlan Maclean checked the money with both banks on Islay and with Customs and Excise, who pronounced it genuine. "I telephoned Mr Drummond in London and told him the money had been found. I asked him if it was his. He said he would get in touch with his partner, Mr Cauty. So far he has not telephoned back".

Sergeant Maclean says he will not be contacting Mr Drummond again. "He's had hs chance. No crime has been committed. The money will go to the finder on October 28 if it is not claimed before then."

Mr Cauty and Mr Drummond, with Jim Reid, a freelance writer, and Alan Goodrick, their tour manager, stayed at the Jura Hotel for one night on August 22. Fiona Walton, who owns the hotel, says they gave no hint about why they were there. The duo has previously made a video film of a 60ft-high burning wicker man being carried from the sea.

Mr Reid has spoken of feeling "guilty" and then "bored" during the two hours it took to burn. He is adamant the money was real and that he was with Mr Drummond and Mr Cauty when it was collected from a security firm in Kent.


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Posted by Guest on 2005-08-10 03:53:53

They`re justified and they`re ancient, and there`s no way you can stop them. Wait until 2017.

Posted by Guest on 2005-08-10 03:55:46

er 2018... bad math. Fnord.

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