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Title: Chill Out (Wax Trax import)
Date: June 1994
Journal: Q Magazine
Author: Andrew Collins
Type of resource: Reviews
Status: text
No. views: 4503
Description: KLF were ahead of their time, and whole careers have been built following their lead

Chill Out (Wax Trax import)

By Andrew Collins (June 1994, Q Magazine)

A review of Chill Out as part of "best albums" feature.


Chill Out

Ahead of their time: hardly an under-used description of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, but, in the case of Chill Out, their hands on 1990 foray into ambient, an unavoidably apt one. All agit-disco hardware is stowed in favour of tinkling chimes, Aboriginal chants, undulating synth and joyfully undisguised BBC-style sound effects (trains, traffic, Sheep, crickets). No, they didn't invent the techniques, nor subvert them really, but the fact that Chill Out was seen largely as a urinary extraction exercise at the time when such sound-painting now shapes young careers lends poignancy to its more balmy yet knowing moments (the recurring liquidised country motif on Madrugada Eterna and Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul; the cheeky lifts of Albatross and Stranger On The Shore elsewhere). Pity The KLF don't make 'em like this (or anything) any more, **** Andrew Collins


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