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Title: What We Did On Our Holidays
Date: May 1994
Journal: Q Magazine
Author: Phil Sutcliffe
Type of resource: News items
Status: text
No. views: 1518
Description: Zodiac Minwarp explains all about the trip to the North Pole and the plans for Curfew Press. They intended to go to ...

What We Did On Our Holidays

By Phil Sutcliffe (May 1994, Q Magazine)

Zodiac Mindwarp and Bill Drummond: eat your sunhat, Judith Chalmers. "IT'S A literary landmark," proclaims Zodiac Mindwarp of the book - nay, illuminated manuscript - project he's undertaking with Bill Drummond, the KLF/K Foundation's resident art terrorist. The details he revealed to Q are, to say the least, unusual. "It's a trilogy," he says. "The first volume, Forbidden Knowledge, covers our attempt to walk to the North Pole in search of the Lost Chord. Well, as you know, we didn't make it. Bad research, wrong season, the ice had melted. But we left a framed photo of Elvis at the Northernmost lighthouse in the world - and we did discover the first note of the Chord.

"So Bill and me are going to spend a month writing this out in a huge book, seven feet by three, Indian parchment and covered in ancient reindeer skin, which is safely ensconced in a medieval tower in Northern Ireland which Bill has bought. We'll make it look good, medieval script and so on. We were both art students, you know. We have the skills.

"We're getting the fortifications correct, then later this year, Bill and I are going to live there and members of the public who want to see it will have to write to us. We'll vet them to see if they're worthy because we're talking top-secret hermetic information here. If they bung us a few grand, it might persuade us, though. And it will be published for the masses in due course."

Then next? "For volume two we're going to visit the Dalai Lama in Northern India. We think he'll show us the second note of the Chord. Bill and me encourage one another. Well, if we don't, no one else will. We're like Van Gogh and what's his name, the nice one? Gauguin! It sounds wacky but there's a remarkable intelligence at work in this. Bill Drummond is a very serious person. If we're perceived as nutters or literary arseholes, so be it." He adds that a new Mindwarp - Drummond publishing venture, Curfew Press, will soon debut with The Bible Of Dreams - the story of a traumatic tour of Finland by Zodiac and The Love Reaction, "part porn, part Disney".

Pic: Drummond and Manning in Arctic gear and conditions Caption: Expedition Arctic icewalk: Messrs Drummond and Mindwarp (or is it Mindwarp and Drummond?)fail to find the Lost Chord


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