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Title: ? (Chumbawamba interview)
Date: March 1994
Journal: Select
Author: Stuart Maconie
Type of resource: Excerpts
Status: text
No. views: 5330
Description: Chumbawamba appreciate the KLF/K-F's situationist inspired antics

? (Chumbawamba interview)

By Stuart Maconie (March 1994, Select)

SM: But isn't being a political rock band just an endless series of compromises?

Dunst: "So's life. But what we do is still just as valid as Dennis Skinner. We reach more people, in fact. Don't underestimate popular culture. A lot more people watch the FA Cup Final than Question Time. To us political music isn't Crass. It's the Sex Pistols, Public Enemy, The KLF. The KLF are real situationists, but they can still make 'What Time Is Love?'. It's like any other industry in the end. Full of wankers. Full of supposed rebels who are really just stupid."

Alice (Nutter): "When I read a Manic Street Preachers interview I just seethe." Dunst: "I hate them because they didn't split up."

SM: They [MSP] were lying. It was a situationist prank.

Alice: "The Manics have half digested a situationist pamphlet. Situationism is real revolt. The Manics just want to become a part of the established order. What the KLF did with the Turner Prize was much more important. Just the fact that they were prepared to go to such ridiculous financial lengths to make a point. Whether they understood fully what they were doing is irrelevant. They made a fuss ...and if some journalists did nick some of the money, that's brilliant too. I think the things The KLF do are fantastic. I'm a vegetarian but I wish they'd sawn an elephant's legs off at the BRIT Awards."


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