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Date: 18 December, 1993
Journal: NME
Author: ?
Type of resource: Letters
Status: original
No. views: 1705
Description: mix of Art award viewpoints from NME letter writers


By ? (18 December, 1993, NME)

Re: The K Foundation 'Worst' Artist Award.

I feel it was a wholly lame and empty statement in awarding ukp40,000 to the winner of the recent Turner Prize as a protest against the state of the arts.

Surely it would have been better to set up a rival, equally highbrow but genuine award, reflecting their (The K Foundation) ideas about the art world and their opinions on just who should be acclaimed as the best artist of the year? Surely this would be a positive gesture to both artist and art world alike?

All that Drummond and Cauty have succeeded in staging is yet another cynical, money-wasting display of self-promotion. In this event no-one wins.

They don't even have the guts to give us their opinions on just what good art is. Is it Cauty's Hobbit poster for Athena? I think not. If, as is apparent they have so much spare cash, I enclose my address to be passed on forthwith.
- Mrs F Lynch, Derby

Yours and mine both, dear, but money grabbing aside the K Foundation have re-invented themselves as art terrorists and acts of sheer gall and downright cheek are often the best ways of venting disapproval.

It was the same with the Brit Awards, when Cauty and Drummond dumped the dead sheep. Some situations just dont call for niceities, some institutions are just too highbrow, too stubborn, too elitist to give time to hear out a couple of scuffy ex-musicians.

More of the same, that's what we say. Shame about that Hobbit poster, though
- Gina Morris

Typical. The K foundation try to shake up the pompous art world with another one of their scandlous deeds and all you journos can do is pocket the money.

OK, so it wasn't you particular dishonest scummy journos, but let's face it - you're all the same.

Happy Christmas.
- Glen, Harrow


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