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Title: Konned!
Date: 18 December, 1993
Journal: Melody Maker
Author: -
Type of resource: News items
Status: original
No. views: 1698
Description: KLF victims of hoaxers who have released a CD, 'The Black Room' and cassette, '1997' both by X$X, both featuring K-F art work.


By - (18 December, 1993, Melody Maker)

The K Foundation have been the victims of hoaxers who have released a CD and cassettes using their artwork. Among the various releases are a CD credited to X$X and entitled "The Black Room". This was the title of the aborted third KLF album, recorded with Extreme Noise Terror.

Some copies of the Cd currently in circulation contain only a voice saying "Dont Buy the Black Room". Other copies include some music. The back sleeve contains a message "Abandon All Art Now"-used in a K foundation ad-and the same box number address used in the K Foundation ads.

The cassettes include a more elaborate fake "1997"- echoing the title of KLF alter-ego The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu's "1987-What the Fuck is Going On?".

It features KLF samples and a track based on Michael Jackson's "Beat It" plus telephone conversations between a member of X$X and a voice purporting to be Bill Drummond's.

However a spokesman for the Foundation insisted last week that the duo "have left the music business" and hadnít recorded anything as the K foundation, with the exception of the notorious "K Cera Cera"- which, they have stated in one of their national press ads, will only be released when world peace has been achieved."


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Posted by Guest on 2004-12-17 18:12:59

Scan of this at http://f5.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/QMrCQXFcG9o7lM-RZx38X0TqZwdLurhZAbBia9A3ekJGU2wVddxKNS-ouy4AHqnNe38RS4TCw9kTslw_yvoEdQ/konned1.jpg ray Baal

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