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Title: Art with a capital F
Date: 11 December, 1993
Journal: NME
Author: ?
Type of resource: Letters
Status: original
No. views: 1805
Description: writers slam stupid K-F and suggest that they should have the money

Art with a capital F

By ? (11 December, 1993, NME)

Art with a capital F

Oh well done KLF, K Foundation or whatever stupid name you've thought up this week. What a victory for real art your little stunt was. So very witty! You've wasted a fortune on advertising what turned out to be little more than a pointless schoolboy prank.

Having bought the attention of the nation, you just vaguely bitched away without offering anything positive. It had all the ironic dignity of Hooray Henrys setting fire to fivers in front of starving tramps. Except you didn't even have the guts to turn up at your own joke, preferring to hide away where no-one could take you and your dubious 'statement' to task.

Art terrorism? My arse! Isn't about time you grew up?
- Neil Jones, Sheffield

No doubt Messers Drummond and Cauty are reclining in their smoking jackets, complaining that they've been 'misunderstood'. They can only blame themselves - their failure to explain their actions in any way wasn't clever, merely pathetic.

Anyone can moan, you know, and if you've (literally) got money to burn, you can moan louder than anyone else. It doesn't mean you've got anything to say, though.
- Ben Willmott


Pop stars buy their way into the news by spending what is, for many, the equivalent of a lifetime's wages on full page newspaper ads, prime-time TV ads, cadillacs laid on for journalists, security and of course the ukp40,000 award for 'worst artist'. In attempting to undermine one spectacle they unwittingly create another; and it has a clearer message: Keep watching. We have a voice because we have the money. You don't. Stay at home. Keep watching - money rules.

The K Foundation are not cultural terrorists. They are art critics by another name, who are on a different payroll. As such they fail to understand that the spectacle/spectator relationship is a staunch bearer of the capitalist order they are so critical of.
- The Spectacle Of Radical Postures Inc, Manchester


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