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Title: The Best Of Artists, The Worst of Artists
Date: 29 November, 1993
Journal: New York Times
Author: ?
Type of resource: News items
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The Best Of Artists, The Worst of Artists

By ? (29 November, 1993, New York Times)

In a single day last week, 30-year-old Rachel Whiteread won two prizes, one for being the best British artist, and one for being the worst.

Early Tuesday evening, in a ceremony televised live from the Tate Gallery, it was announced that Ms. Whiteread had won the 1993 Turner Prize, an increasingly prestigious award given annually to a British artist for the best exhabition or presentation of work in the preceding year, along with $30,000. A few hours later, outside the Tate, in front of television crews and photographers, Ms. Whiteread accepted, by prearangment, the K. Foundation Award for Britain's worst artist. The prize came with $60,000 cash, double the Turner amount, naile in clumps of £50 notes to a board with an ornate picture frame.

The second prize award, sort of an anti-Turner Prize, was widely viewed as a publicity stunt. It was initiated by the K. Foundation on behalf of the K.L.F., or the Kashmir Liberation Front, a disbanded British rock band [SIC!!!] known for its irreverant antics, which advertisted in newspapers announcing its creation last summer and repeated them last month after the Tate announced the names of the four artists on the short list for the Turner Prize. It was not clear if Ms. Whiteread had actually won the write-in-vote that the foundation advertisted or if she had been chosen because her already high profile would generate the most publicity for the group.

The artist, who learned on Tuesday morning that she had won the K. Foundation Award, did not want to accept it at first but changed her mind when she was told the money would be burned if she did not collect it in person. That afternoon, she issued a statement through the Karsten Schubert Gallery, which represents her, announcing that she would not keep any of the money from the K. Foundation, but would give $15,000 to Shelter, an organization for homeless people, and the rest to young artists in the form of 10 grants of $4,500 each.


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