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Title: ? (journos rip off K Foundation art)
Date: 25 November, 1993
Journal: Guardian (G2)
Author: ?
Type of resource: Excerpts
Status: original
No. views: 2178
Description: The K.F's prize was 8,500 short - the posh papers have stolen the money

? (journos rip off K Foundation art)

By ? (25 November, 1993, Guardian (G2))

The full extent of another deal which had not been honoured emerged yesterday. When the K Foundation drove 25 journalists to a Surrey woodland on Tuesday night each was handed £1,600 to nail to an empty picture frame which was presented to Ms. Whiteread later.

"Her agent found that it was £8,500 short", said Mick Houghton, spokesman for the K Foundation. The 25 journalists were from the daily and Sunday quality papers, Q Magazine, the Late Show, Kaleidoscope and the Today programme.

"I had the Daily Star on this morning and they were thrilled when they were told there were no tabloids involved, saying 'the posh papers have stolen the money'."


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