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Library of Mu record:
Title: K-Uriouser and K-Uriouser
Date: 20 November, 1993
Journal: Melody Maker
Author: Info Freako
Type of resource: News items
Status: original
No. views: 1679
Description: more details about mystery band X$X, including a live event they carried out in Newport, Wales. Also details of a tape called 'The Black Room' by Realm In Dreams which samples the KLF.

K-Uriouser and K-Uriouser

By Info Freako (20 November, 1993, Melody Maker)

Info Freako continues to receive a lot of letters regarding the identity of X$X (Mystery band, September 11 and October 2).

To refresh your memory, X$X last year released two singles wich were apparently recorded for peanuts and promoted with 10,000 poster campaigns in Scotland and Northern Ireland and an album called "The Black Room", some copies of which turned out to be totally blank. The evidence pointed to a possible link with THE KLF/K FOUNDATION.

Tim Hegarty from Gwent, South Wales, says that he recently attended an X$X event at Metro's Club in Newport at which 'a collection of machines played a continuous mix of Bhangra/House music. This was accompanied by video graphics and footage of musicians, who I assume, were X$X. A friend and I argued about whether one of these guys was Bill Drummond.'

Tim notes that the videos included clips of The Beatles (Billed as "Courtesy of Apple Corps Ltd") and that one of the many different flyers left lying around the club declares: 'Remember You ARE the Plastic Ono Band'. Another boasts the words "IT HAS COME TO OUR ATTENTION THAT YOU DID NOT ABANDON ALL ART", together with the PO Box address recently used in the K Foundation's newspaper ads.

GRAEME, of Northern Ireland, meanwhile offers the following: 'For some time, my band have been releasing mail-order only cassettes including a tape called "The Black Room" which came out earlier this year. One of the 11 tracks is called "Time's Running In" which has been mentioned in your articles about X$X's "The Black Room". Our tape also features extensive samples of The KLF. However, although our tapes have come out under lots of different names, Realm, Realm in Dreams and RID), we have never used the name X$X. To repeat, I'm not saying that we're behind X$X but that their album is possibly a bootleg of our tape.'

The plot thickens....


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Posted by Guest on 2004-12-17 18:03:47

Super-excellent-o-rama! Ray Baal

Posted by Guest on 2007-01-18 01:16:14

This is news to me but something resonates from god knows where about this. Thanks for this link. Now I'd like to find a scan of the article!

Posted by Guest on 2007-01-18 01:18:07

There IS a scan of this somewhere. Possibly at Ray Baal's yahoo group which is at uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/xdollarx There's a lot of guff in there (in my opinion) as Baal is a bit of an obsessive X$X-ist but he is the man for the scans as he seems to have piad out to get a lot of original stuff on this enigma

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