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Title: Artist We Love You
Date: 07 November, 1993
Journal: Independent on Sunday
Author: K-Foundation
Type of resource: Adverts
Status: original
No. views: 3362
Description: But first there are 10 questions we must ask you

Artist We Love You

By K-Foundation (07 November, 1993, Independent on Sunday)

Artists are not fulfilling their responsibilities to produce work worthy of the very late 20th Century. Why?


But first there are 10 questions we are forced to ask you.

1. Why is the K. Foundation so much more sexy than any of the other art
   foundations ?

2. Is #40,000 enough ?

3. Why do you feel misunderstood ?

4. If you had a million pounds would you...
   (a) Pay off your debts ?
   (b) Start up your own art foundation dedicated to the advancement of
       creation ?
   (c) Burn it ?

5. Do the People get the Art they deserve ?

6. Are the actions of the K. Foundation...
   (a) Futile, novelty pranks ?
   (b) Works of genius ?
   (c) Other ?

7. Why is it worth struggling to promote public discussion in contemporary
   British Art ?

8. If this is an advertisement, what is it selling? Is any part of you buying?

9. Numerous non shortlisted artists believe they deserve The K. Foundation
   Award prize money. Are they thus implying they deserve the #40,000 cash
   more than Amnesty International, Oxfam, Shelter, Help the Aged, Save the
   Children, The Terrance Higgins Trust, Friends of the Earth or Battersea
   Dogs Home ?

10.Does the Artist with #40,000 in the bank produce a better or worse body of
   work than the Artist with 40p ?

11.What the F**k does The K. Foundation think it is ?

                  The Winner of the 1994 K. Foundation Award,
                  for producing the worst body of work in the       K
     Pyramid      preceding 12 months will be announced in a    Foundation      
      Logo        commercial break on Channel Four Television      Logo
                  at approximately 9.30pm, Tuesday November 23rd
Divide & Kreate   1993.                                            
           "Who has hidden the Agenda ?" THE 1994 K. FOUNDATION AWARD.  


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