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Title: ? (Stewart Home article)
Date: November 1993
Journal: i-D
Author: Jane Cornwell
Type of resource: Excerpts
Status: text
No. views: 4814
Description: Stewart Home inteview; comparison's with KLF

? (Stewart Home article)

By Jane Cornwell (November 1993, i-D)

The following is an excerpt from an article about Stewart Home, an author who "... writes cult books which are full of skinheads, sex, anarchism, blood and guts. He is also an artist who initiated a three-year art strike with the intention of destroying the gallery world."

"... So is Home a post-punk prankster or a serious subversive? The same question could be asked of the K Foundation. Capricious ex-KLF duo Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty have recently taken out large advertisements in the press announcing a 40,000 pound prize honouring the worst body of art work of the year (solicitors have confirmed that the prize money really does exist). The 'nominees' just happen to be the same four artists who are nominated for this years prestigious Turner Prize.

Echoing the Art Strike, Drummond and Cauty have also stopped producing new work. The similarites don't end there. Like the Neoists, The KLF (aka Kopywright Liberation Front) favoured plagiarism, encountering legal wrangles after sampling the whole of ABBA's 'Dancing Queen'. Both adopt multiple pseudonyms to raise questions about the nature of identity (The KLF called themselves the Justified Ancients Of MuMu and The Timelords; in Home's 'Smile' magazine, all writers were credited as either 'Monty Cantsin' or 'Karen Eliot'). Both use inflammatory slogans to cause controversy and confusion (K Foundation: "Abandon All Art Now"; Home: "Demolish Serious Culture"). Both arranged spectacular stunts (The KLF left a dead sheep in the foyer of the 1992 Brit Awards; Home attempted to levitate the Brighton Pavillion in protest against a performance of Stockhausen's avant garde music).

Home is enthused by the K Foundation's attempts to ridicule the art world's beloved Turner Prize. "I think it's great," he enthuses. "They're trying to undermine it. What's great about the way they're doing it is they've got a lot of money so they can afford to take out full-page ads, which I never could."


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