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Title: KLF? NOT!
Date: 1993-10-28
Journal: Melbourne Herald-Sun (Hit Magazine)
Author: Nui Te Koha
Type of resource: Articles
Status: text
No. views: 3220
Description: Wanda Dee and Eric Floyd interview, in which they reveal their scam and try to justify it.


By Nui Te Koha (1993-10-28, Melbourne Herald-Sun (Hit Magazine))

Liberation Records, the KLF's record company in Australia, this week rushed out an internal memo distancing itself from the impending tour by a travelling show calling itself The KLF.

The memo said, in part, that The KLF is Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, and the show about to visit Australia did not have these men as part of the line-up.

Whether this was a knee-jerk reaction by Liberation is debatable. The participants in this alleged KLF show told 'Hit' this week that they have gone to great lengths to point out that Drummond and Cauty are not in the show.

Perhaps the blame for this identity crisis lies with the promoter. The show has been billed as The KLF, featuring Wanda Dee. The reality is, according to the participants, it's Wanda Dee and the KLF Experience.

Wanda Dee is the voice of the KLF. She provided vocals for the hits 'What Time is Love' and 'Last Train to Trancentral'. She is credited as Lawanda McFarlane as a co-writer on these songs.

While Dee may have been the voice for the KLF's massively successful album, she certainly isn't her own voice when it comes to interviews. She is accompanied on a speaker-phone with her manager, Eric Floyd.

Floyd says The KLF fits the mould of '90s techno acts which don't necessarily name the performers. Black Box is four anonymous Italians. C&C Music Factory is the Cole and Clivilles production team.

"This is the exact same premise with The KLF," Floyd explains. "Bill and Jimmy are The KLF producers, but they are not the performers. We make it absolutely clear that Bill Drummond and Bill Cauty are not in the show. If there are any hardcore Drummond and Cauty fans out there, we will get them out of their seats and give them their money back before the 90-minute extravaganza starts. The people that stay will experience the music of The KLF featuring the voice of The KLF."

The Wanda show has eight people on stage, including dancers, acrobatics and martial arts, material from 'The White Room' and Dee's new solo album 'The Goddess is Here', released next year.

"It's definitely a show that unhinges people's minds," Floyd says. "It's exotic, erotic and hypnotic."

Wanda Dee and the KLF Experience play the Metro on Cup Eve.


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