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Title: Cool like what?
Date: September 1993
Journal: Select
Author: ?
Type of resource: Features
Status: text
No. views: 4399
Description: Drummond wins coolest person in pop award!

Cool like what?

By ? (September 1993, Select)

How the Select panel came to it's momentous conclusions...

Cool's not just having a fag hanging out of your mouth, or sporting a bolt stuck through your todger, or floating in a jacuzzi full of Moet et Chandon with Vanessa Paradis and Take That you know. Well alright, it's PARTLY those things...but true, deathless cool is a far more complex phenomenon.

The Select Committe on Matters of Coolness assessed everyone in pop on the criteria below, and-after disqualifying many for trying too hard- came up with this final judgement of the Coolest of Cool...

-Triumph in the face of adversity
-Being above it all/Class A solipsism
-Good Records
-Reacting to the zeitgeist like a chameleon
-Getting away with murder
-Being mysterious
-Genius ineptitude

No. 1 Bill Drummond of the klf and k foundation What has this giant of coolness not achieved? Like the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odessey, Drummond has always been a step ahead of human evolution, guiding us on. Manager of The Teardrop Explodes, co-inventor of ambient and trance house, number one pop star, situationist pagan, folk troubador, pan-dimensional zanarchist gentleman of leisure...and then, ladies and gentlemen, he THROWS IT ALL AWAY, machine-guns the audience and dumps a dead sheep on the doorstep of the Brit Awards (see pic) and vanishes to build dry- stone walls. His new 'band' The K Foundation make records but say they won't release them at all until world peace is established. Deranged, inspired, intensly cool.

[categories that Bill scores on: ]
-Triumph in the face of adversity
-Being above it all
-Good records
-Reacting to the zeitgeist like a chameleon
-Getting away with murder
-Being mysterious


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