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Title: Worst art hoaxers' scam goes kaput
Date: 30 August, 1993 ?
Journal: Guardian
Author: John Ezard
Type of resource: News items
Status: original
No. views: 5457
Description: Guardian figures it out as hoax

Worst art hoaxers' scam goes kaput

By John Ezard (30 August, 1993, ? Guardian)

Four artists cheerfully designated as the worst in the world can breathe again. They will not have to live in suspense and ignominy until one of them is judged the worst of the worst at a public ceremony in November.

The consolation prize for this was to be £40,000, according to an opulent new prize competition for the "mutha of all awards" announced in an advertisement in Weekend Guardian on Saturday. The award would be "to the artist who has in the opinion of the jury has produced the worst body of work in the preceding 12 months".

The promoters, the K Foundation (motto Divide and Kreate), had already reached an international shortlist of opprobrium: Hannah Collins, Vong Phaopant, Sean Scully and Rachel Whiteread. Their works, the foundation said would be on show at the Tate Gallery from November 3-8.

This last point was true; their works will be exhibited because the artists are officially short-listed for the Turner Prize - worth only half the money - for the best work produced the year.

As for the K Foundation it stands unmasked as the current performing face of those cherished old friends of pop pranksterdom, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty - late of the KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front), the Timelords and the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu.

The pair have have (sic) been associated with crop circles, firing dummy machine guns at a music awards ceremony and with talking Tammy Wynette into making a hit record with them by turning up on her doorstep.

They used a reputable agency to book the advertisement with the Guardian which accepted it with good faith. But the giveaway for this attempted hoax on the arts establishment was an overfondness for the letter K - plus the fact that so many in the music world remembered over the weekend that their imp of mischief had transmigrated itself into the K Foundation, said by friends to operate from a genteel squat in Stockwell, south London.

Ms Scully (sic, he is male) and her fellow artists may be slightly sorry about the £40,000.


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Posted by Guest on 2010-08-03 23:39:31

actually from Tuesday 31st August 1993, page 2

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